Before the ride

  • Be punctual
      • Make a booking only when you are ready. Unreasonable waiting time will affect the livelihood of our hardworking drivers as this affects the number of trips they can complete.
  • Be alert and cautious
      • Stay safe by paying attention to your surroundings and remaining vigilant while traveling.

During the ride

  • Any form of sexual offence is strictly forbidden
      • This includes inappropriate remarks and texts, sexual harassment, wrongful restraint, and drug use. According to the legislation, such offences may lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Treat our vehicle with care
      • When on-board, consumption of food and beverages, smoking are strictly prohibited. 
  • Be respectful and considerate.
      • Always be considerate and respectful when speaking with your driver.

After the ride

  • Take your belongings (and trash) with you
      • After the ride, dispose of your rubbish at the closest trash can to make the next rider’s experience more pleasant.
  • Close the vehicle door gently and firmly
      • Keep in mind not to slam the car door shut after exiting.