Safe Ride Policy

It is our priority to ensure our passengers have a safe and pleasant journey with Trek Rides.

Passenger Guidelines

Before the ride

  • Be punctual
      • Make a booking only when you are ready. Unreasonable waiting time will affect the livelihood of our hardworking drivers as this affects the number of trips they can complete.
  • Be alert and cautious
      • Stay safe by paying attention to your surroundings and remaining vigilant while traveling.

During the ride

  • Any form of sexual offence is strictly forbidden
      • This includes inappropriate remarks and texts, sexual harassment, wrongful restraint, and drug use. According to the legislation, such offences may lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Treat our vehicle with care
      • When on-board, consumption of food and beverages, smoking are strictly prohibited. 
  • Be respectful and considerate.
      • Always be considerate and respectful when speaking with your driver.

After the ride

  • Take your belongings (and trash) with you
      • After the ride, dispose of your rubbish at the closest trash can to make the next rider’s experience more pleasant.
  • Close the vehicle door gently and firmly
      • Keep in mind not to slam the car door shut after exiting. 
  • Obey all traffic rules and local regulations
      • Asking the drivers to violate the law by doing things like speeding, driving against the flow of traffic, making illegal turns, or stopping in prohibited waiting or parking zones could lead to disproportionate punishment for our drivers.
  • Safety first, fasten your seatbelt
      • We advise you to fasten your seatbelt on for a safe ride. This applies to children as well.
  • Confirm your driver’s identity before boarding
      • Only onboard the vehicle if the license plate number, name, and description of the driver match those on your booking information.
  • Safe rides for everyone
      • It is not permitted to bring weapons or any other items that could be used as weapons on Trek Rides rides. Make a quick call to the appropriate authorities in case of any emergency.
  • One account each
      • Never set up several accounts or share one. You run the risk of jeopardising your account’s security if you give out your log-in information or account password to others.
  • Turn up for your ride booking
      • Cancellations result in inconveniences and disruptions to our Drivers. Be punctual and turn up for your ride on time, unless there is an emergency.
  • Rate your driver fairly
      • Vote for your driver after each ride to express your gratitude. Give your driver a 5-star rating if the service was excellent! If it wasn’t excellent, please share your comments and suggestions.
  • Play it fair and abide by the law
      • Trek Rides does not accept any use of the platform for illegal purposes or to violate our terms and conditions in order to obtain benefits for oneself. The misuse of any promotions includes this

Driver Guidelines

  • Wear appropriate attire.
      • For instance, long pants, collared t-shirts, and close-toed shoes. 
  • Provide service for all backgrounds
      • Serve passengers regardless of their race, religion, nationality, disability, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other personal characteristics.
  • Respect everyone boundaries
      • Any type of sexual offense is strictly prohibited and is subject to legal prosecution. This covers both direct and indirect behaviors such sending inappropriate texts or comments, harassing someone sexually, holding someone against their will, and drugging.
  • Ensure all personal belongings by Passenger has been taken
      • If a passenger’s things, such as cash or a phone, are found, you must: notify Trek Rides right away; restore the item(s) to the passenger or Trek Rides; and alert Trek Rides within 48 hours of the discovery.
  • Follow all traffic rules and local regulations
      • This involves complying with all traffic regulations, policies, and directives issued by the authorities, such as fastening a seatbelt, stopping at red lights, maintaining a safe speed, and avoiding parking and waiting zones.
      • This includes any traffic laws, policies and guidelines issued by the Authorities, such as buckling up, following traffic lights, adhering to speed limits and observing no parking/ waiting areas.
  • Safety first and be responsible
      • Put your seatbelt on and go at a steady, safe speed. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking.
  • Pay 100% attention when driving
      • Avoid using your phone while driving and instead turn it on silent. utilize a phone mount if you need to utilize a navigation app to get instructions while driving.
  • Life is precious
      • Never drive under the influence of heavy medicine or alcohol. Likewise, if you are feeling tired, pull over at the nearest stop and rest.
  • Safe rides for all
      • It is not permitted to bring weapons or any other items that could be used as weapons on Trek Rides rides. Make a quick call to the appropriate authorities in case of any emergency.
  • Take only the rides the Trek Ride app has assigned to you.
      • Our Personal Accident Insurance for Passengers and Drivers does not provide coverage for pre-arranged rides made outside of the Trek Ride App in the event of an accident or emergency.
  • Utilize only authorized applications
      • Ensure that your Trek Rides app is updated. Use only devices which have their original manufacturer settings, and have not been rooted/jailbroken, to avoid putting your account and privacy at risk.
  • Pick up your passenger punctually
      • Be on time and wait until the passenger is seated before beginning the ride.
  • Honesty is the key
      • It is against the principles of ethics and fair deals to engage in any criminal activity with the intent of obtaining personal advantage or benefit. This covers coordinating schemes to seek employment dishonestly, interfering with business operations, abusing promotions and the platform, creating fictitious reservations, and any other actions deemed detrimental to Trek Rides’ interests.