Refund Policy

  1. Passengers are required to make full fare payment upon accepting their ride offers with any selected modes of payments indicated on the application.
  2. Passengers may cancel their booking request any time before accepting a ride offer.
  3. If passengers decided to not show up at the designated pick-up location indicated on the app, they will still be charged the full fare.
  4. Full refund will be given back to the passenger if they cancel the booking within 1 minute upon accepting their booking offers.
  5. For any rides that are cancelled more than 1 minute after passenger accepts their booking offer, RM1.00 cancellation fee will be charged back to the users. This is due to the fact that as soon as a booking is confirmed, there is a dedicated vehicle which might need to reroute in order to pick-up the passenger. This might end up adding a detour to the driver and changing the ETA of existing passengers. 
  6. If a cancellation is made because the current ETA is more than 5 minutes from the original ETA, the passenger will not be charged any cancellation fee and will receive their full refund.
  7. For further refund related enquiries, kindly reach us at [email protected] by indicating your Ride ID.