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Ethics and Fairness

Utilize only authorized applications Ensure that your Trek Rides app is updated. Use only devices which have their original manufacturer settings, and have not been rooted/jailbroken, to avoid putting your account and privacy at risk. Pick up your passenger punctually Be on time and wait until the passenger is seated before beginning the ride. Honesty [...]

Safety and Laws for Drivers

Follow all traffic rules and local regulations This involves complying with all traffic regulations, policies, and directives issued by the authorities, such as fastening a seatbelt, stopping at red lights, maintaining a safe speed, and avoiding parking and waiting zones. This includes any traffic laws, policies and guidelines issued by the Authorities, such as buckling [...]

For All Drivers

Wear appropriate attire. For instance, long pants, collared t-shirts, and close-toed shoes.  Provide service for all backgrounds Serve passengers regardless of their race, religion, nationality, disability, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other personal characteristics. Respect everyone boundaries Any type of sexual offense is strictly prohibited and is subject to legal prosecution. This [...]