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How do I board my ride?

Step 1: You need to click accept button within 30 seconds after your order has been accepted. Simply press Accept button. If you wish to cancel, you may proceed with the Cancel Ride button. Step 2: Scroll down to view boarding code in red box below to verify with the driver when [...]

How do I contact emergency services whilst I am on my ride?

Step 1: Click on the Get Help button in the right side. You will have an option to call 999 or call your emergency contact Step 2: If you have not already set up your emergency contact, you can set it by entering your emergency contact's mobile number. Otherwise click contact emergency [...]

How can I view my past and upcoming rides?

Step 1: Navigate to the side menu on the left. Step 2: Click "Rides Activity" Step 3: There will be 2 tabs to view your past and upcoming rides. Click on the ride to view full details.

How do I cancel a ride?

Step 1: Once your ride has been confirmed, you may cancel the ride as indicated below Step 2: Key in any cancelation reason for Trek Rides improvement and click Yes button to proceed with the cancelation.

How do I book a ride?

Step 1: Navigate to the side menu on the left and click "Book a ride" Step 2: Insert location/stop of where you want to depart and arrive at Step 3: Insert intended time of departure and number of passengers, and click “Confirm”