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Who will benefit from this service?

A. This DRT service will benefit the community living and working in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Bangsar South and Selayang Baru areas. We are currently working at our best to expand more area soon! If you have any suggestion, feel free to drop us your feedback in Get In Touch.

Where and what time will Trek Rides operate during the pilot phase?

A. Trek Rides will operate in these areas in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Bangsar South and Selayang Baru. The DRT Service will run based on schedule as here below: Bandar Puteri Puchong - Operating hours from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday to Saturday (Sunday off day) Selayang Baru - Operating hours from 8:00 AM - [...]

What kind of vehicles will be used for Trek Rides?

A. There will be a variety of vehicles used for Trek Rides. This could include a 10-seater van, an 18-seater shuttle bus, a multi-person vehicle (MPV), a 20-seater minibus, as well as a low floor, fully electric minibus.

Who operates Trek Rides?

A. Trek Rides is operated by Asia Mobiliti, a Malaysian transit technology software company and its partner, a licensed transport service provider operating a professional fleet of vehicles and trained drivers.

How is Trek Rides different from other services such as van-pooling or shared shuttle buses?

A. Unlike on-demand shuttle buses, Trek Rides do not have fixed routes, stops or timetables. It also differs from van-pooling services, which may offer door-to-door trips for commuters, but would require advanced booking and do not guarantee arrival and journey times because it does not intelligently route and dispatch the vehicles. While on-demand shuttle buses [...]

How exactly does Trek Rides work?

A. With Trek Rides, a vehicle can, for example, pick up six different people at six different locations but going to different destinations on the same ride. It can even pick up a seventh passenger along the way and accommodate his/her destination without extending the duration of the trip for other passengers. Trek Rides comprises [...]

What are the main differences between Trek Rides and a public bus service?

A. Trek Rides is a Demand-Responsive Transit (DRT) service. This means that while the service is used by the public, commuters do not need to wait for a vehicle at a fixed bus stop, adhere to a fixed bus timetable or route. They can order, manage, track and get estimated times of arrival for [...]