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App Usage

One account each Never set up several accounts or share one. You run the risk of jeopardising your account's security if you give out your log-in information or account password to others. Turn up for your ride booking Cancellations result in inconveniences and disruptions to our Drivers. Be punctual and turn up for your ride [...]

Safety and Law Passenger

Obey all traffic rules and local regulations Asking the drivers to violate the law by doing things like speeding, driving against the flow of traffic, making illegal turns, or stopping in prohibited waiting or parking zones could lead to disproportionate punishment for our drivers. Safety first, fasten your seatbelt We advise you to fasten your [...]

Safe & Pleasant Shared Rides Experience for everyone

Before the ride Be punctual Make a booking only when you are ready. Unreasonable waiting time will affect the livelihood of our hardworking drivers as this affects the number of trips they can complete. Be alert and cautious Stay safe by paying attention to your surroundings and remaining vigilant while traveling. During the ride Any [...]